Sunday, November 20, 2011

Celebrity Tattoo Designs


Celebrities always created fashion for clothes, hairdo and of course tattoos. In modern Hollywood there is hardly any star without a tattoo left. Celebrities themselves say that tattoos have become not only pictures decorating the body but a way of self-expression with the help of symbols that carry a deep meaning.

Popular singer Rihanna is found of tattoo designs. Recently she made a tattoo design on her right wrist. Rihanna explained that a sign on her hand is a symbol of power and live.

Angeline Jolie surely has a passion for tattoo designs . In different periods of her life she made more than thirteen tattoos. She herself says that tattoo designs are moment of her life. Once she made a tattoo at night in Scotland and she doesn't regret it because it will always remind her of that moment. The most know Angelina's tattoos are: a Roman number thirteen meaning that she doesn't believe in bad luck, a dragon and a window, showing that she travels a lot and never sits on one place. Angelina also made a tattoo in honor of her brother – a rune in the form of H letter (her brother's name is James Haven). Another her famous tattoo is a quotation of Tenessy Williams "A prayer for the wild at hear kept in cages" that reveals her free spirit. Angelina also has a feministic tattoo "Know your right" under her neck and five vertical rows of ancient Khmer inscriptions on her back that protect her from failures and accidents. Abig tiger tattoo decorates her back – it is about thirty centimeters in diameter. Recently Angelina Jolie made a new tattoo in honor of her children – geographical coordinates of the places of their birth on her shoulder. Angelina says that her tattoos reveal her spirit, character and individuality.

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