Monday, October 10, 2011

They Said What?

At my house it can get a little hectic at times. Mornings are tough and there is always a mad rush to get out of the door to catch the schoolbus.

There are six pre-teen girls living in this house and four of them are of school age. The other two are just a year or two from starting school. For about an hour or so after they leave for school is the quietest you will find it here all day. Its my reading time.

Very often, while I am reading, I will come across quotes from famous people in history. I like to imagine them living in my house. What would they be saying then? So here is my:

Top Ten List Of Imaginary Famous Quotes.

10. " A House divided against itself cannot stand rap music." Abraham Lincoln

9. " A Penny saved is a penny caught in the vacuum cleaner." Ben Franklin

8. " I never would have imagined that." John Lennon

7. " Water, water everywhere, but not a drop in the bathtub." Unknown ( unknown has said a lot of famous things)

6. " We have nothing to fear but...Birthday parties." Franklin Roosevelt

5. I had a quote here from Richard Nixon but somehow it got erased.

4. " I shall not return!" That General Guy

3. "I am strong to finish cause I eats me spinach." Popeye the Sailor......Nobody else around here would of said that.

2. "Give me Liberty, PLease let me go, ARRRGH!!!" Nathan Hale, he came by during a birthday party.

1. "I love you, You love me, Were a happy Family" Barney...Gotta love that Dinosaur.

Roy Merrill is One man living at home with his two daughters and six Grand daughters. I know that's only 8 women but well... its hard to keep a girlfriend around here. Life for him is never boring.

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