Sunday, October 16, 2011

They Said This Ingredient in Your Shampoo Can Worsen Your Acne

In the old days, when I have a lot of acne on the face, several large spots and black and white to meet and socialize on my face. I wash my hair with shampoo every day

One thing I knew, but did not pay much attention to this, I always had problems in my face after washing my hair. At that time, I do not know why this could happen. I would wash my hair regularly and is a good thing to do, but it irritated my face?

As you know, when you become angry, angry with something. Apparently, when the face is angry, angry with something. But again and again, I wash my face with a shampoo that I use always the same, the result is always the same. Always facial flushing due to irritation. And guess what, it looks very ugly to look at my face in the mirror.

The problem does not end there. The irritation is most evident when the skin is exposed to sunlight. What is a bad thing to see the other. I understand this problem and find an immediate solution, and I found a clue.

It is said that the shampoo can potentially aggravate your skin condition, because the ingredient that irritate the skin (I found this information from various online sources). This is a cheap material, so many shampoo products are using this material in such a way that the price is cheap shampoo. It's called sodium lauryl sulfate. This material is to blame for the problem to my irritation.

Knowing this information is now busy grocery store in my area and look for products that do not contain this ingredient in shampoos. Luckily I found one, but it is slightly more expensive than my regular shampoo. It's good for the health of my skin!

For my story, I'm throwing out my old shampoo and start using my new shampoo. Because I want to wash my hair every day, I use this shampoo every day again.

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