Sunday, October 16, 2011

But They Said They'd Give Me a Good Reference

"Give me a good reference?" That all of them to ask their employer before departure, and I'm sure that 99% of cases the employer says, "Sure, no problem."

That are going to say?

But the question is, which means a good reference?

I recently had a client who is the last round of a great job. It 'was a reference to the observation point, and took home free. The people in his bibliography all said, a reference good, so what's the problem? It was not an employee of evil, it's time (or earlier), have done their job, do not pick fights with people and knew what he was doing. So, you ready, right?

Maybe not.

I did a lot of reference checks in my time, and they are not as simple as one might think.

First of all, if you have any special reference to human resources, it is likely that, just check the dates of employment (which was much better than your resume, or you are out of the game, no questions asked), the title, and if you have the right to be summarized. This is all we are going to reveal. And 'in human resources, you're lucky you have a phone at all.

Then there are the references of his former colleagues and clients. And they usually go a little more like a conversation.

Potential employer, and invites them to ask some basic questions about the type of information out there and you like driving your own risk. It then describes the work or want to hire you, or you start to ask specific questions to their work. While some of my previous posts, I asked specifically for the experience of people in customer service, how it interacts with other skills, problem solving. He said things like: "In this paper, we have many important clients, and that person is often done with a person under Agency totems They understand the nuances of reordering the data carefully and explain this to people. Not good with the numbers. Is this the kind of thing that we trust them? "

And that's where things can get difficult. Because if this person told me to give you a good reference, and I am sure that before the call is now a director of human resources required for a specific position can not be on 'often has done, or could be your stronger (but they were all great artist).

And in a strange way, we are talking about hiring hiring manger, and there is a code of ethics involved. If I did my job and a reference check, I called the person at the other end of the phone in the house for me. It is of interest to me, I need to hire an employee to the Same. I need the human resources manager to be honest and objective.

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