Friday, August 6, 2010

The Best Water Ionizer for Alkaline Electron Rich Water?

As you may know the Japanese, Taiwanese and Koreans have been studying ionized electron rich water for decades. Because of research studies and lab reports not translated into english, most Americans miss out on documented proof validating the efficacy of our pH Miracle Mark I ionizer.

We just received a translated lab report showing we truly have the best water ionizer in the market that creates the wettest water or microclustered water.

All water ionizer brands claim their water is microclustered. Please DO NOT fall for this "teabag demonstration!" It is not anywhere near an acurate way to prove microclustering.

The main way to test microclustering is with an NMRI test which costs upwards of $70,000.00!

We have done this NMRI multiple times!

Our lastest tests have shown the following:

Tap water from Nagasaki, Japan, measured at 105 hertz. Translated this means the molecular structure is approximately 16 -18 water molecules per cluster. This would be the same as ALL bottled waters being sold on the US and International market.

The pH Miracle Mark I ionizer at 9.5 PH setting measured at 47 hertz. Translated this means the molecule structure is approximately 6-8 molecules per cluster.

For those who are new to the term "Microclustering" it is simply a smaller water molecule that can better penetrate and hydrate the cells. Microclustering is easily 1/3 of the power and effectiveness of the pH Miracle Mark I ionized water. Microclustering will help minerals and other alkalizing supplements adsorb and absorb quickly and more efficiently.

If you are thinking of purchasing a water ionizer then purchase the best - The pH Miracle Mark I ionizer.

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