Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hey All You Alkalarians!

Hey All you Alkalarians! Summer is here in a BIG WAY and it’s time to think about those great Barbeques, Parades, Parties, and Picnics.

First of all think of your skin and the protection you’ll need during those hours out in the scorching July sun. Staying hydrated with your four liters of Doc Broc Power Plants Greens and pHour Salts will do wonders to prevent parched dry skin. Also it’s paramount that you include plenty of good oils in your diet like our pH Miracle Avocado Oil which comes in 3 flavors, garlic, lime and plain. Also all veggies that are high in silica like bell peppers and cucumbers are natural skin fortifiers so munch away! Remember beautiful skin, like good health, is created from the inside out.

Next, always protect your skin on the outside with our great skin care products like:

our cleanser: pHresh and Clean
our toner: re-pHresh
our moisturizer: sopH skin
our sunscreen: Young pHorever Sun pHilter
our skin masks: Doc Broc Power Plants Greens make a great refreshing skin beauty treatment. Just pour ¼ to ½ cup into a bowl and add water until it is a good poltice consistency. Spread on face liberally and let sit until almost dry. Rinse off and cleanse with pHresh and Clean. Terra pHirma is also a great skin mask but more for extracting skin impurities and acids from the skin. Make the same politce and spread on skin liberally. Let sit until almost dry and rinse. Both masks help with exfoliating dead skin cells will leave your skin porcelain smooth.

Find all these products and more on our website

Now let’s talk about your summertime FEASTS! It’s time to celebrate our country’s birthday by staying in tip-top alkaline shape by keeping close to the pH Miracle diet and lifestyle. That doesn’t mean you have to give up good flavor, it means you give up highly acidic food choices in turn for the best, delicious Alkaline feast you can imagine. Here are some great and easy recipe suggestions to keep you HEALTHY, WEALTHY and WISE this Summer.

Bon Appetite!

All page numbers for recipes are from our newly
Revised and Updated
The pH Miracle Book

For a Summer Brunch:
Serve: Seed Pancakes with Coconut Whipped Topping page 356
Or if it’s really hot and you just want something cool and refreshing:
Serve: The Limey Love Shake page 267

For that Barbeque, Family Party, or Pic-Nic:

Serve: Very Veggie Barley Burgers spiced with The Zip from Spice Hunter Spices page 325

OR place some oily fish on the barbeque like salmon fillets spiced with lemon, salt and The Zip (get all your Spice Hunter Spices direct from The pH Miracle Center

Rainbow Salad (with fireworks colors of shredded veggies) page 286
topped with Spicy Pecan Croutons page 374 and
Sesame Soy Dressing page 299

and for sides serve:
Sweet Carrot Butter page 314
Sprinkled with
Dehydrated Red Bell Pepper Powder page 317
with veggie crudités

for dessert:
Shelley’s Soy Pudding page 377
(do ginger/lime variation)

Bon Appetite!

From all of us at the pH Miracle Center,
Have a happy, healthy and safe Summer!!!

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