Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dr Young's pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet Validated With Scientific Research

Several scientific research studies have been done showing alkaline lifestyle and diets, like that researched and developed by Dr. Robert O. Young, are beneficial. Examples include in vitro, animal and human studies. The first study of many studies that I will be sharing with you indicates that the external pH of solid tumors are acidic as a consequence of increased metabolism of glucose (a me...tabolic acid) and poor perfusion. The second study shows that acid-mediated tumor invasion is plausible through mathematical modeling.


(1) Ian F. Robey, Brenda K. Baggett, Nathaniel D. Kirkpatrick, Denise J. Roe, Julie Dosescu, Bonnie F. Sloane, Arig Ibrahim Hashim, David L. Morse, Natarajan Raghunand, Robert A. Gatenby and Robert J. Gillies (2009). "Bicarbonate Increases Tumor pH and Inhibits Spontaneous Metastases". American Association for Cancer Research 69: 2260.

(2) Robert A. Gatenby, Edward T. Gawlinski, Arthur F. Gmitro1, Brant Kaylor, and Robert J. Gillies (2006). "Acid-Mediated Tumor Invasion: a Multidisciplinary Study ". American Association for Cancer Research 66: 5216-5223.

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