Friday, May 14, 2010

Change Lives and Save Lives That Is Our Mission

Rachel M. Smith

Dear Shelley and Dr. Young,

My name is Rachel M. Smith and I became acquainted with the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet through my mother, Nancy McKowen, back in 2001. Since my mother's finding of your first book, The pH Miracle, she immediately extended her ecstatic insight to all of our family members, including me, her only daughter. She became a distributor and was immediately consumed. She became extremely passionate and committed to the mission of extending this information to everyone she met. She was at times a bit fanatical and even obsessive, but upon hindsight, I recognize that this was her pure undoubted belief in your mission.

By my mother's persuasion, I attended an Innerlight seminar in New Jersey, at a hotel I cannot recall, and listened to testimony from two particularly rememberable accounts. The ailments were severe, including an insulin dependent diabetic that no longer required drug management and a morbidly obese woman that had lost close to 600 pounds in a year.

I specifically remember you Shelley dicussing the voyage, commitment, and safe haven offered, that would literally engorge an individual in this world of pH balanced lifestyle and food. I thought it was all too Utopian. I still get chills. I listened diligently to the testimonies and was convinced and enthused to give this revolutionary product a try, with the financing and encouragement of my mother. Upon hindsight, it seemed so obvious, but I wasn't an easy sell. I came to the seminar skeptical, afraid, and laden with social conventionalism. After the testimony's and the passion of both of your speeches, data analysis and reflection, I felt empowered and eagar to transform my life. I did exactly that.

At 20 years old and 6'1, 230 pounds, with a cholesterol evaluation at 230 as well, I submitted. My first dose left me feeling a sensation that the super greens literally were scrubbing my insides. I lost about 25 pounds in three months. However, what this particular weight loss did for me, forever changed my perceptions about health, well-being, disease, and living. I drank my "Supergreens" everywhere. Despite controversy and suggestive discouragement from my peers, because of it's strange appearance, I confidently persisted because of how it made me feel (consistent with the cleansing of a fish tank). It was undeniable that this notion about cleaning your body from the inside out was truth! It wasn't easy and I felt ostracized and alienated more often than not, especially by my father's side. But in this way, I developed a deep seeded connection with my mother and our solidity toward the Innerlight brand defined so much of our young adult daughter/mother dynamic. The benefits translated into an undeniable bond and strength in our relationship.

Every conversation involved a reference or reminder to take my Supergreens. And through this she nurtured me. So, here we are almost ten years later and I have terribly troublesome news. My mother, one of your diligent and incredibly loyal supporters found herself caught in the crossfire of what seemed to be endometrial cysts (a lifelong condition). Her last breakout of cysts was actually stage three ovarian cancer, which developed blindly. She has since passed as of last May, 2009, at 48 years old. But, you must know that despite this catastrophic demise, she maintained the conviction to continue her Innerlight regiment. She took the fiber and the Supergreen tablets, not the drops so much, just because they were hard to get beyond the radar of the hospital staff, which was always monitoring.

She was afraid they would be regarded as contraband, which is unbelievably ridiculous. I must say, that my mother died with her identity fully in action. In some ways, I feel that I've absorbed her convictions. The truth is, I've always been an extension of her, and in this loss, I've become my own mother. Many of her investigations and proclamations may have been too extreme for me. And this may be due to my collegiate, evidence based, practical, academic pursuits (I've been going to school to be an elementary and special education teacher for about 8 years. It's taken a long time to decide that this was my calling). Which makes me so different from her.

I need to exclaim that you both have served our growth as individuals and as mother and daughter. You are part of our story, and even though I can't find the box with the Supergreens in it, amongst all of her things that I need to go through, I desperately want to take my Supergreens to restart another, stronger chapter of healing. I have been caught in disarray, but I crave the security that came from the regiment, order, and benefit of the Supergreens that so definitively changed my identity. I haven't been consistent with my personal regiment, but I've always gone back to it, when I've needed cleansing and a new lease on life. Your product has single handedly prevented me from any debilitating sickness over the last ten years. Whenever I got down, I drank em'. My mother was not so fortunate. Cancer is another story. Had it come along sooner, who knows what could have come of it. But, you both must know her conviction, passion, and devotion to this research.

Shelley, I have to say, you actually look a bit like her and I doubt that you remember her, but she admired your grace and disposition. Like you Shelley, she was the epitome of beauty. I apologize for the candid nature of this letter. It is so crucial to your work that you both know the impact that you've made. You have affected our family with such a wealth of health and knowledge, despite my mother's passing. I will forever hold the memory of that seminar and the time I shared with my mother, disputing and being skeptical, in the presence of, forgive me, what at the time seemed like a cult. Now I am a believer. Ultimately, I have leaned on the undeniable healing power that the Supergreens and Innerlight products you created have provided. And for that safe guard, I'm forever grateful.

Thank you Dr. Young for your life's work, Shelley for your wisdom, sacrifice, devotion, loyalty, conviction, passion, and to both of you for your equal effort of promise to change this world for the better.

You certainly have affected me.

I hope this letter reaches the both of you well.

Please feel free to contact me in return, either through email or phone. Thank you for your time.


Rachel M. Smith

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