Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dr Robert O. Young in Egypt

Al-Ahram Newspaper-
Thursday April 15th, 2010

Alkaline foods are the house of health food ...American microbiologist and nutritionist calls for boycotting meat and fast food During his last visit to Egypt, Dr. Robert Young, the microbiologist and nutrition expert, reviewed a new and special way of interpreting diseases and the direct link to our lifestyle....

Dr. Young said, in an interview with Al- Ahram, that according to worldwide statistics, there is a global increase in the rate of persons creating diabetes, hyper tension and cancer diseases primarily due to the nature of our modern lifestyle and the quality of food we are eating.

In brief, the fast food meals and sodas are acidic in nature and by regularly consuming them, we increase our blood acidity which results in disease due to the impact of blood acidity on the weakest organ of the body. Such acidity could be measured by simply testing the pH of the urine and the saliva.

According to Dr. Young, all diseases have one origin. We should deal with them with a broader prospect by changing our diet and our way of life. Dr Young said if the fish is sick, it is better to change the water and the surrounding environment in the bowl and not treating the fish itself. Treatment should deal with the cause not the effect of disease.

Dr. Young explained that our bodies are alkaline by design and all body functions are acidic. Thinking, breathing and even defecating are acidic functions. Based upon this, the "Young theory" relies on minimizing or eliminating the acidic foods from our diet which includes a long list such as`tea, coffee, meat, poultry, diary products, sugar, all kinds of sodas, corn and their products.

On the other hand, Dr.Young recommends the healthy food including alkaline food such as green vegetables due to their contents of chlorophyll such as broccoli, avocado, parsley, spinach, cucumber, green pepper, coriander, artichokes... also yellow`and red vegetables such as peppers and tomatoes due to their contents of lycopene.

As for food rich in calcium, replacing the diary products, he recommends, tahini, almond milk and nuts in addition to legumes and Basmati rice which provide the body with its need of protein.

Also bitter fruits such as citrus and grapefruit in addition to fish which is rich in omega 3. Raw nuts such as almonds and pine nuts are rich in oil and useful minerals in addition to sea salt and not processed salts. As a complement to the house of health, Dr. Young affirmed that choice of food isn't only enough but one should drink 3 to 4 liters of water daily, practice sport for at least 30 minutes daily to get rid of body poisons through perspiring and most important avoiding negative thoughts as they are similar to rotten food in their effect.

Ashraf Amin

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