Monday, March 22, 2010

What Really Causes Iron Deficiency in the Blood?

Medical savants are ignorant to the fact that blood or hemoglobin is the second largest contributor to buffering dietary and/or metabolic acids next to sodium bicarbonate. When the blood is trying to maintain its alkaline iso-structure and stay alkaline at 7.365, it will ...use sodium bicarbonate and then hemoglobin to neutralize or buffer any excess acid that is not. properly eliminated through the four channels of elimination - defecation, urination, respiration and perspiration. This loss of hemoglobin is also a loss of iron since iron is the center atom of hemoglobin of iron and the cause of the iron deficiency. Therefore an iron deficiency is not a deficiency of iron but an result of an acidic lifestyle and diet. Change the diet to an alkaline pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet and watch the iron poor blood become an iron rich blood with green foods, green drinks and the elimination of all acidic foods and drinks.
So to answer the question of what really causes a deficiency of iron in the blood? The answer is simple - dietary and metabolic acids! The following is what iron poor blood looks like.

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