Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Paying Through The Nose - The Cost of Nasal Woes

The numbers are always changing, and they are not going down. Americans spend billions of dollars every year treating acidic nasal, allergy, sinus, ear and asthma problems. The dollars spent are only part of the price tag. The cost in terms of time off work, away from school, sitting in a doctor's office and just time spent feeling lousy is sky-high. How about time spent in the bathroom dealing with side effects of an acidic medication? What about lost sleep, lack of focus and impatience with family and co-workers?

The point is, if your nose isn't working properly you are losing time and money, as well as impacting your quality of life.

You are, quite literally, paying through the nose.

Consider these figures, just a sampling of the numbers illustrating the annual cost of nose woes:

* Billions of dollars spent on medicine and treatment for allergic rhinitis

* Over 25 million Americans suffer from hay fever symptoms each year

* The majority of all acidic antibiotic prescriptions are written to treat respiratory infections

* Billions of dollars spent on the evaluation and treatment of ear infections

* Quality of life is significantly reduced for those who suffer from hay fever

* Asthma is the most common cause of school absenteeism due to chronic conditions

* Billions of dollars spent to treat the acidic condition of asthma per year

* Children typically have 2-9 acidic or so-called viral respiratory illnesses per year

Childhood asthma prevalence more than doubled from 1980 to the mid-1990s and remains at historically high levels. The factors driving this pattern are still not fully understood. Contributing factors include increased environmental acidic pollution, processed acidic foods, and in general, unhealthy acidic lifestyles. Asthma is one of the leading chronic acidic childhood diseases in the United States and a major cause of childhood disability.

Okay, that's the bad news.

The good news is you don't have to just suffer and spend money. You can do something to reverse both the symptoms and the cause of these acidic conditions.

Start the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Dietary Program and watch all these acidic symptoms disappear. I would also suggest washing your sinuses everyday with Nasalpure. Nasalpure contains two alkalizing compounds of sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate to flush acidic mucous and toxins out of the sinus cavities.

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