Friday, February 5, 2010

The Truth About Many Acidic Nutritional Supplements

Check your nutritional supplement labels. Do they contain Magnesium Stearate or Stearic Acid? Studies by the University of Texas Health Science Center and the East Carolina University School of Medicine reveal that these toxic acidic excipients cause a rapid collapse of T-cell membrane function and cell death; therefore suppressing the immune system. (Immunology, 1990, Jul.)

It is estimated that 90% of the vitamin and mineral products consumed today contain stearates. Stearates are acids that are used as binders in tablets and in the processing of gelatin capsules. Consumers often take handfuls of capsules and tablets to get vitamins, minerals and other key nutrients from supplements that contain stearates, and instead, in reality, get a powerful acidic immune suppressive treatment.

"The public must be more aware of nutritional products that initially bring a good vitamin or mineral but hurt you in other ways." (Dr. Eduardo Sanchez, Commissioner - Texas Department of Health, speaking before the Texas Strategic Health Partnership, University of Texas, Sept. 25, 2003)

According to Dr. Robert O. Young, Director of Research at The pH Miracle Healing Center, "all of the YoungpHorever Nutritionals contain ingredients that will help alkalize and maintain the alkaline design of the body. I do not use capsules or fillers in any of my formulas that contain the acids of magnesium stearate or stearic acid."

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