Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Join The Alkaline Movement!

In every age in history, there are those rare individuals who lead the way of new thought, new science that can transform the world. Dr. Robert and Shelley Young are two of those individuals. Their work and teaching on the New Biology is changing lives and healing the planet.

I have profound gratitude for being able to study and work with Dr. Young at the pH Miracle center. He is truly a pioneer and I believe, one of the most learned men about medicine and the human body.

I am a licensed naturopathic doctor and have been going to medical seminars for over 20 years. The microscopy courses I have taken have by far, been the best training that I have ever attended. Live blood analysis is one of the most valuable tools that we have to see the quality of the blood and the overall health of the body. It can reveal patterns of disease before they manifest. This is truly preventative medicine.

Live blood analysis can also guide you through a holistic health program, showing the effects on your blood. People waste hundreds and thousands of dollars on natural health products and programs that don't work. With live blood analysis, you can see whether or not the supplements and diet you are following are really benefiting your body, actually saving you money.

I would encourage anyone who is thinking about learning more about the new biology to attend the training or come to a retreat to find out more.

The microscopy course is not just for doctors!! Anyone can learn.

Here's what else I liked about the courses:

Dr. Young is generous. I was surprised that he gave us all of the lectures and power point presentations he has developed over the years. You are given all the tools to share this information with others in a powerful way. Many people who teach seminars give you bread crumbs and try to sell you on their next course. Dr. Young gives you everything he has, freely.

Dr. Young is FUNNY. We had a blast. I have never laughed so hard in my life, and usually do on a daily basis while working at the ranch. A good sense of humor is a sign of a healthy person. Laughing keeps you alkaline and healthy!

Dr. Young really lives the lifestyle. Just being with him is an inspiration. He starts at 7 am with one hour of yoga, then runs for 30 min or more. He glows with health, happiness and vitality.

While at the course, you have a retreat experience in a beautiful setting. No stuffy hotel room. You have three delicious alkaline meals per day and really get to experience the alkaline lifestyle.

You also receive one on one attention. While attending the course you have time to practice and receive individual help in making sure you know how to implement the tools.

You have to immerse yourself to really integrate these teachings. The new biology is a paradigm shift. It's much more than following a diet. It's about a whole different way of thinking. There are so many incorrect myths about the body. Dr. Young dispels these myths. People leave the seminar saying it has totally changed their life.

I have witnessed many "so called" medical miracles while working at the pH miracle center. These were actually not miracles at all, but merely the application of the principles of health which Dr. Young teaches. If you learn these principals and apply them to your life, you can have vibrant health.

What are the gifts you receive from the New Biology?
Freedom from fear.

If you know how your body works and you take care of it, you won't be sick. If you maintain the alkaline design of the body, give it the fuel it needs and stop taking in acidic foods and drinks, you will not get infections. You don't need to be afraid of every new supposed flu or pandemic that is in the news.


You will know what to do to achieve and maintain health. Its up to you. You have simple and easy tools. Just measuring you urine pH shows you every day what is going on in your body and how to adjust your diet and lifestyle.

Live blood analysis has been the best addition to my practice. It is either an affirmation of good lifestyle habits or a wake up call to make serious changes. People are truly inspired to make positive changes in their lifestyle after seeing their blood.

Join the alkalarian movement! Become part of the pH Miracle Family.
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