Friday, December 11, 2009

The pH Miracle for Reversing Stuttering

An unsolicited testimony from Angie Johnson Roach on The pH Miracle

My son began stuttering when he was 4 years old. We did every kind of therapy possible when in school and professionally and he seem to struggle more. In his early teens I started to Question his food choices. We tried him on more of a diabetic type diet, and saw improvement. Then we where introduced to the idea of Dr. Youngs alkaliaztion and "... See MoreSuper Greens". His fluency went from 35% to 100% with staying power in just a short time. If he eats cold cereal for breakfast, to many carbs and sweets. It's out the window. This has been almost 8-9 years ago. He's in College now and doing great. Stuttering is so rare, Good food choices, good Vitamins, especially B's and the good Omega Oils, both help with stress. I hope this can help someone today! Thanks to the Youngs we can make better choices. God bless you and Merry christmas!

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