Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On Dr. Robert O. Young and Blood Microscopy

Time is a vampire that flies in the night
like Bela Lugosi, in full flight, with Hungarian
accent, phonetically speaking English,
and oh! with so much feeling!

How the undead can relish delight
when succulent pleasure comes in sight!
The senses flourish, hormones pumping
*seemingly*, without a heart that’s thumping,
coursing blood to all the cells,
drinking water from deeper wells
to keep the land fresh, and irrigated.

You think that he’d feel *irritated*
to be lacking all of that,
But no! like the Cat in the Hat,
he comes back and back and back and back,
smacking his lips on my TV screen
for blood; nearly ready to cream.
It’s definitely a sexual thing –
at least in the sense of satisfying
longing like an itch that scratches
but *way deeper* than sullen patches
of mere desire. No … deeper still,
where hunger joins with fired will
to stoke the furnace, lick the flame,
begin in earnest to try again
to taste the flavor of deeper feeling:
blood that lives, all un-congealing.
How fantasy can be so revealing!
On *many* levels, the *least* of which
is the purely physical .

This Friday, we’ll go to hear and see
a master of live blood microscopy, Dr. Robert O. Young.
He draws some living, vital stuff
then takes a peek, and that’s enough
to tell you what you have been eating,
and therefore how your body’s treating
you like you’ve been treating it:
giving gold for gold and shit for shit!

Right away, he can settle the case –
if your cells are acidic or truly base.
If alkaline, as they should be,
your body functions harmoniously.
If acid, then there’s trouble brewing,
disease and cancers all accruing
there, along with inflammation
at the cellular level. Such degradation
*need not be*; it just reflects
the degree of our ignorant self-neglect.

Create the right environment
internally and life will thrive
harmoniously, to keep alive
what *should* be living,
and fail to support the rest.

“It’s all in the blood”, he says.
And it does indeed seem true:
In the state of perfect balance,
Life Becomes New.--

Tony PaternitiDecember 1, 2009

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