Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Ate Too Much

Holiday Season lifestyleand dietary conditions (called diseases by allopathicmedicine) for which I have given new names:

1) "Traveler's Acidic Consequence" is a result of thesum total consumption and behaviors of a travelerduring their more unusual or somewhat differentfrom normal lifestyle than when they were not traveling. A typical traveler's day will upset one's normalmetabolism and digestive habits. They eat anddrink different foods at different times and differentvolumes than usual, which creates an over-acidic stateand a need for more alkaline buffers (bicarbonates likepHour salts) leading to indigestion, nausea, acid reflux,heartburn, belching, flatulence, vomiting, constipation,dehydration and further problems of acidity,depending on the degree of irregularity.

"Traveler's Acidic Consequence" is commonly blamed byallopathic medical science on a particular site onthe traveler's path as if he/she caught something. This current medical ideology is based onPasteur's germ theory and is a scientific myth/illusion.
The true cause of this condition is the result of thetraveler's acidic dietary choices and the lack ofalkaline hydration, nutrition and hygiene that canresult in this over-acidic condition. All the abovesymptoms is the body in preservation mode trying itsbest to reestablish the alkaline pH of the internalenvironment at 7.365 to 7.4.

2) Holiday Season - "I Ate and Drank Too Much "S!!!"Dis-Ease" is a result of the sum total consumptionand behaviors of a person during the Holiday seasoneating and drinking everything in site from "swine towine." This over indulgence may cause belching andflatulence and eventual heart burn, acid reflux,nausea, constipation and even brain, breast, lung,liver and bowel parasites for which medical sciencewill often prescribe the purple pill. This HolidaySeason condition may then lead to the third HolidaySeason consequence -

3) "Holiday Season Food Drunk" is a result of over-eatingand over-drinking acidic foods and liquids and then fallinginto a drunken state on the sofa or bed for several hours oreven days to sleep off all the acidity. Falling asleepafter a heavy Holiday meal is a common occurrence foracid over-eaters and acid drinkers.

4) "Holiday Season Influenza" (The Flu) is a result of thesum total consumption and behaviors of a person duringa so-called Holiday acidic feasting. A person will consumeacidic foods and drinks that they may not know or knowthat are not healthy or alkalizing, i.e., more sugar orsugar substitutes than normal, alcohol, meats (especiallythe tape and flukd worm favorites such as pork, beef,turkey, chicken and fish (especially raw fish) and muchof this at greater volumes than normal. This person becomesdetrimentally influenced physically and emotionallyby Holiday acidic foods and drinks.

According to medical savants, "Holiday Season Influenza"is commonly blamed on a particular virus contracted fromanother person(s) and not from acidic lifestyle anddietary choices of that person. Like the acidic traveler,a person chooses to consume on their own as many acidicfoods and drinks during the Holiday Season and as a resultare suffering from the consequences of their poor dietaryacidic choices -- not from some phantom (does not exist)flu virus! The flu is nothing more than the bodyincreasing body temperature to improve circulation toremove excess acidity through perspiration, respiration, defecation and urination.

Also, please keep in mind it doesn't take eithertraveling or Holidays for someone to express thesymptoms of "Traveler's Acidic Consequence,"and/or "I Ate and Drank Too Much S!!! Disease,"and/or "Holiday Season Food Drunk," and/or "HolidaySeason Influenza." All you need to do is consumeexcessive amounts of acidic meats (especially pork,turkey and chicken), chocolate, ice cream, cake,alcohol or other acidic mind boggling thrillers. Any of these four non-contagious lifestyle anddietary conditions can happen anytime during theyear. But,the Holiday Season seems to be thetime when most people over-indulge in highly acidiclifestyles and diets!

This coming Holiday Season may you resolve not tosuccumb to the acidic choices that lead to "Traveler'sAcidic Consequence," or "I Ate and Drank Too MuchS!!! Dis-ease," "Holiday Season Food Drunk" and/or"Holiday Season Influenza."

In love and healing alkaline light,

Dr. Robert O. Young

PS This year before sitting down to a highlyacidic Holiday Season meal, watch the followingyoutube video. You cannot kill parasites withheat. All you can do is put them to sleep and riskthem waking up inside your body. Also, watchingthis video might change your mind about eating thatleft-over Thanksgiving ham or even urine laced turkey. It is by no coincidence that turkey and chicken arereferred to as "foul." Birds like turkey andchicken have no urinary tract system and aretherefore more likely to adsorb their own urine intotheir tissues. But, that's what makes them so juicy.

PSS I hope we can all learn to take responsibility forour own lifestyle and dietary choices and theconsequences we may experience rather then blaming it ortransferring personal responsibility to a phantom orharmless virus - like the Swine Flu virus, Ebola virus,HIV virus, HPV virus, West Nile virus, Bird flu virus,and the list goes on and on and on! So-called viruses DONOT cause sickness or disease - our acidic lifestyle and dietchoices do! You do health by making healthy choices oryou can do sickness and disease by making unhealthy lifestyleand dietary choices. Making acidic lifestyle and dietarychoices the last 3 months of the year can take 10 yearsoff your life at age 40 and 20 years off your life atthe age 80. You can live a healthy and fit life to 100 ifyou will make better alkaline lifestyle and dietarychoices NOW!

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