Sunday, November 1, 2009

Eating Animal Protein Shrinks Your Brain and Your Balls

Many recent studies have shown that diets rich in vegetables, fruit, nuts, and oily omega 3 rich fish are good for the brain and may delay the onset or slow the advance of Alzheimer’s dis-ease and shrink the organs the sustain life, including the reproductive organs causing infertility and impotence.

But a new study found that a diet high in animal protein will shrink your brain.

According to Dr. Robert O. Young, Director of Research at the pH Miracle Living Center, "animal proteins when ingested release strong acids in their digestion of uric, nitric, sulfuric and phosphoric that will not only shrink your brain but will also shrink your ovaries and your testes."

"One of the major contributing factors to dementia and infertility is the ingestion of animal proteins, such as chicken, turkey, duck, eggs, venison, beef and pork," states Dr. Young.

A research team from the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom studied four different types of diets on mice that were bred to express an acidic mutant from of human amyloid precursor protein (APP).

The body will buffer APP, an acidic protein producing amyloid plaque associated with Alzheimer’s and reproductive organ dis-ease. Mice were fed a regular acidic diet, a high-fat/low-carbohydrate or acid diet, a high-protein or high acid/low-carb diet, or a high-carb or high acid/low-fat diet.

The researchers then studied the mice's brains and bodies, evaluating the plaque buildup and differences in specific regions of the brain associated with memory deficit and Alzheimer’s.

Surprisingly, the mice fed the high-protein or high acid/low-carb diet had brains 5 percent smaller than mice in the other three groups, and areas of their hippocampus were less developed. The researchers speculated that the high-protein or acid diet may make the brain’s neurons, which transmit nerve impulses, more susceptible to the Alzheimer’s-associated plaques.

According to Dr. Young, "the strong acids from proteins cause a double loss of alkaline compounds in the body. If the body cannot eliminate these strong acids from urination, perspiration, defecation or respiration they will be buffered in the fatty tissues of the body, i.e., the brain. This will then lead to congestion and potential acidic organ and gland damage."

But what does this study mean for humans? "One wonders whether particular diets, if ingested at particular ages, might increase susceptibility to incidence or progression" of Alzheimer's, said lead author Sam Gandy, a professor at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine. The only way to know for sure would be double-blind clinical tests.

Dr. Young suggests, "a diet high in animal protein will result in the over-acidification of the blood and then tissues leading to ALL sickness and dis-ease."

"Ingesting any animal protein and their associated acids will congest the bowel, damage the intestinal villi, cause imperfections in the formation of blood and will eventually lead to loss of bone, liver congestion and ulceration, infertility, and brain damage," states Dr. Young.

According to Dr. Young, "the body needs little or no protein. The body needs chlorophyll to build blood, poly-unsaturated oil to create cell membranes and buffer metabolic and/or dietary acid, alkaline water to maintain its alkaline design and mineral salts for electrical conductivity and energy."

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