Sunday, November 8, 2009

Building Health and Muscles With The pH Miracle Diet

The following is a testimony from a pH Miracle alkaline vegan bodybuilder.

Dear Dr Young,
At first I would like to wish you all the best and thank you for your pH Miracle diet and the excellent work you do for people.
I wrote to you some months ago advising that I was a vegetarian bodybuilder and was preparing for a competition. Last August I competed in the competition as a VEGAN alkaline bodybuilder. My preparation diet was 100% alkaline vegan, because I wanted to discover for myself whether it really works. To my amazement - it really does! Because I won my category for the third time as a natural bodybuilder in the South Pacific Natural Bodybuilding Champs - this time in 50 years plus category. My victory gives hope to all those alkalarian vegans and vegetarian sports people who want to achieve something in their chosen sport via a pure alkaline pH Miracle Diet.
Prior to previous competitions, I used to have problems with my joints - and cramps and was always tired the last month before the competition. But this time I was very surprised and very happy as I not only gained strength but there was no sign of any pain in my joints or tendons and no cramps at all. For past competitions, I used to have fat deposits that were hard to shift, but this time, I didn't have to go on any strict diet because thanks to the Young's pH Miracle alkaline diet, I was leaner than ever before.
On the day of the competition I was full of energy, I could pump myself up and wasn't out of breath. I wasn't nervous or anxious and I felt great. Even after the competition, I wasn't tired at all and slept very well and recuperated quickly.
Now I'm 100% sure that to build good muscular, healthy bodies, we don't have to eat animal protein, because mother nature provides all the protein we need, and better quality - in a totally natural, unprocessed form.
My thanks again and God Bless.
Dusan Dudas

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