Friday, October 9, 2009

Vaccines Triple Risk For Autism

A new study has shown that giving Hepatitis B vaccine to newborn baby boys more than triples their risk of developing an autism spectrum disorder. The study’s authors used U.S. probability samples obtained from National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) 1997–2002 datasets. The conclusion states that: “Findings suggest that U.S. male neonates vaccinated with hepatitis B vaccine had a 3-fold greater risk of ASD.” The authors also noted that an earlier study by them found that hepatitis B vaccination was associated with receipt of early intervention and special education services. The new study used a different database than their earlier study, and they found same results, suggesting a validation of their findings. According to Dr. Robert O. Young, Director of Research at the pH Miracle Living Center, "vaccinations contain acidic ingredients that may lead to damage to brain cells in the gut and brain cells in the cranial. This can then lead to developmental problems and mind blindness found in autistic children. Vaccines hurt more children then the help." Sources: Age of Autism September 17, 2009 Annals of Epidemiology September 2009: 19(9); 659 Sick and Tired: A Second Thought About Viruses and Vaccines and The HIV/AIDS Hypothesis, 2001

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