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From time to time, a person will contact The pH Miracle Center to ask us or warn us about misinformation and criticisms concerning Dr. Robert O. Young. This notice will serve to address such questions or comments.

For those doctors, scientists, educators and various professional educators who have looked dispassionately over Dr. Young's shoulders for more than two decades, Dr. Young is clearly recognized as the #1 nutritional microbiologist in the world. As a generous humanitarian educator and prolific co-author, and based on the clinical foundation of live and dried blood microscopy of 40,000 individuals, Dr. Young's documented track record of healing and disease reversal stand as an increasingly bright beacon of hope throughout a world beseiged by costly and frustrating westen medicine.

As his detractors so energetically and accurately point out, what Dr. Young does NOT have under his long list of achievements, awards, and recognition from around the world, are scores of research studies ordinarily funded by government agencies, pharmaceutical companies and mainstream medicine. It now requires millions of dollars to fund large scale, randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled studies that have been peer-reviewed and published by traditional and tightly controlled scientific health and medical journals. Neither academia nor the medical industry have shown an interest in highlighting a powerful science such as clinical live and dried blood microscopy and its sister-science of pH balancing that would portend the possibility of discrediting their own.

For sure, the multi-trillion dollar medical and pharmaceutical industry have not been willing to travel outside their well-controlled research designs and methodolgies that do not perpetuate and protect their vested interests. In fact, other scientific methodologies are blocked from consideration by publications that turn away from case studies, n-of-1 designs, interviews, group and individual surveys, repeated measures, and similar scientific methodologies designed for data of a different scale and concept.

Western medical science disingenuously claims that information derived from other than traditional research methodologies poses a threat to the best interests of science. In fact, that to which new information and emerging technology poses a threat is the continuation of monopolistic domination of health services which will also highlight the emerging and critical role of digestive process, modern food, blood health, and nutritional prevention models.

There are an estimated 6.4 billion people on this planet and there exist almost as many opinions on any given subject that one might think of. This phenomenon is increasingly prevalent as the Internet has provided large and incessant "microphones" to millions of people who have virtually little or nothing to say. Some choose the ideologue extremes. If one says, "puppies are cute".. .there will be someone on the Internet who will disagree. This contrarian phenomenon is a fact of modern life, and especially of life in the "connected world" and the Internet.

The Internet is an especially "lawless frontier" where people can say anything they like about anything they choose, and there is not much anyone can do about it. Peaceful and patient minds must simply "steel" themselves against the slings and arrows, especially those of fear and ignorance.

If there was anything that could be done to control what is said and perpetrated on the Internet, the United States Military, without doubt, would control the statements and postings of Terrorist Organizations and various disturbed minds; yet these web sites continue to proliferate. Not even the worlds' sovereign governments or their military might can control what is said and done on the Internet, no matter how ignorant and inhuman----no matter how violent.

Our attornies once told us, "When the law is on your side, you pound on the law. When the law is against you, you pound on the table." This is exactly what Dr. Young's detractors are doing. The Science and the results are on Dr. Young's side, and so his detractors sling mud, attempt to slur his reputation, and take unwarranted shots at his character… the equivalent of "pounding on the table".

Institutions and organizations like Dr. Young and his modestly small company must simply take the high road; they must "ride through" the libel and slander, and "live by their record".

The trouble with trying to defend against any libel or slander is that you "have to repeat the libel or slander". Dr. Young has been the leading light in the field of "Alkaline Living for Health" ™ for more than 30 years. He is published in dozens of languages. He has lectured at Harvard and Johns Hopkins. He is a serious scientist, at the top of his field, and so he is a most visible target for the detractors of accomplishment and progress.

Recognizing that there is not much that Dr. Young can do to control what his detractors say and do, especially on the Internet, Dr. Young has chosen to let his work, the thousands of followers and testimonials, the many national and international awards and recognition, and his years of accomplishment speak for themselves. He does not comment on rancorous information about himself, or his science, posted on the Internet, choosing instead to spend his time in furthering his work in health and healing for those who demonstrate the fair-mindedness to listen and the integrity to weigh the record in good conscience.

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