Friday, October 9, 2009

A pH Miracle Baby

The following is an unsolicited pH Miracle testimony from a 15 month old - yes a 15 month old baby. Dear Dr. Young, My name is Celestine Franzen, I was born on 01 of July 2008 and just turned 15 months old. I live with my parents in Germany, not far away from Munich. I am a pH-miracle. My dad Peter took the microscopy course with you in 2005. My mom, who was born in Georgetown, TX, was diagnosed by her doctor back in 2006 that she would never be able to give birth to a child. So Dad went with her to have colon cleansing and they practiced your pH-miracle lifestyle and diet. Up until now I have not seen any doctor, except for the statutory tests. In the first 9 months I was breast fed and then started - slowly and gently - an alkaline diet containing avocados, softly steamed green veggies, fresh almond milk, buckwheat, quinoa, cucumbers and tomatoes. The more teeth I get the more new recipes I can eat. I enjoy this with your pHlavour and your pHour salts. Every day in the morning I receive my small pipette salt flushes and plenty of good water during the day. I am very happy and full of energy. Thank you for teaching my dad the microscopy and the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet. Celestine Franzen Winkl 8 D-83115 Neubeuern Fon: 080 35 / 963 99 22 Fax: 080 35 / 963 99 23 mobil: 01 75 / 168 15 15

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