Saturday, September 5, 2009

NO Surgery, No Chemo, No Radiation

The following is another pH Miracle story ...

Lots of love,

Dr. Robert O. Young

Dear Anne Marie, Thanks for keeping me on your mailing list. I remember I told you a while back that I would share my story with you. Below is an e-mail to Cindy Wheatley in response to her story reversing breast cancer with the pH Miracle lifestyle and diet. Feel free to share my story. --Mindy

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Hi Cindy,

Thank you for sharing your story. Mine is similar although I did not ever have a diagnosis from the "medical profession" I found a lump in my left breast a couple of years ago. I had no symptoms at all with my health. I thought I was pretty healthy. I went to my D.O., he prescribed a mammogram, but I knew if I did that I would be cattle prodded through the biopsy and then surgery route. NOT FOR ME!! I wasn't taking that route, period.

I had learned of Dr. Young through Tony Robbins a few years earlier. I immediately went to the pH Miracle juice feast and set out to find someone in my area who did live and dried blood microscopy. I had the live blood test and no cancer patterns was found. The lump I found was a fibroid. But what I did not know was that my lymph nodes were also seriously inflamed. Matter of fact the therapist said she had never seen such large lymph nodes in the breasts.

I continued with the pH Miracle lifestyle and diet. I also had lymph drain message therapy and the lymphatic lumps completely went away in my breasts and the fibroid has broken up and is nearly gone.

My husband was drinking, which I allowed to caused me great deal of stress. I'm grateful you shared your challenges with your relationship. I had heard before of unhealthy relationships contributing to breast cancer. Now with your story and mine I guess there is definitely a connection, although that is a concept hard to face. The microscopist, also told me that I was very emotionally stressed and depleted and that my adrenal system was also suffering.

You have encouraged me to stick with the pH miracle lifestyle and diet, although tough at times. I am also taking up yoga to get better at relaxation and breathing. Feel free to share my story. We must get this pH Miracle message out there to other women. Our bodies are incredible and miraculous!

Love, light and incredible lightness of being,

Mindy Coffman
Fort Worth, TX

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