Monday, September 7, 2009

'Let It Unfold'

Over the last thirty years of researching and
teaching the "New Biology (R)" and "The pH Miracle Living
Science, Lifestyle and Diet(TM)", I have given great
thought over the process of trying to "merge"
the seemingly divergent "fight" versus the
"let it unfold" postures.

I believe we are creatures of both action on one
end and potential wisdom on the other. The lower
end of consciousness, the body-sense issues, operate
in one "desiring and acquiring" fashion and the
intellect-spirit end of the continuum operates at
a "higher level." Much like a pH scale.

With our body/sense/mind gifts we are bound and
determined to act. That's the fight part. If we
act, however, with discrimination, spirit and wisdom,
we are following the dictates of our conscience.

The wisdom one day will suggest that we are not the
doers. We are simply the instruments--and the locus
of act....not the locus of control.

Thus, we do the fight, we do the action, but we must
do it according to that level of wisdom with which we
have been accorded. Once we use our intellectual-
spiritual gifts as we live, i.e., once we ACT with
such primary human values as hope, faith, love, peace,
truth, right conduct and non-violence as we walk along the
path, we are harmonizing and integrating the gifts
across the full continuum of our human consciousness.

Thus, we are bound to act, say, to roll the bowling
ball down the alley. We are bound to do this act
according to the best of our ability given the context
of "the game" or intention of "the act."

And yet, we know the incredible complexity of the
universe. There are many reasons that that ball
will do what it will do. Once we have acted, we
know that the outcome is in the hands of a "Greater
Energy".... and that energy travels through timber of
the wood, the wax on the alley, the temperature
of the ball, the precision of the pin-setter,
the humidity of the building, the sweat of our hands,
the health and pH of our body fluids, cells, tissues,
organs and blood, the energy of those in the gallery,
perhaps the position of the moon...and the list
goes on far beyond our ability to calculate.

There is gathering "social" science to suggest that
the list may takes us back many lifetimes of "action"
and "intention" in an evolutionary unfolding.

The long and short is that we can hardly take credit
or blame for the number of pins that we will knock
down. That would be the height of ego or

We do not reach for the fruit of our actions. And if
something that looks like fruit falls into our laps,
our conscience must also dictate how we will distribute
the results.

Thus, we must act, and we must with conscience.
That's the whole "thought-word-deed" admonition.

Our conscience is one of the solid connections
with Divinity.

It sure makes sense to me--at least on most days.

I hope these words make sense and are of some help
to you on your journey called "Life."

All of us at the pH Miracle Living Center appreciate
your love, support and energy in sharing the
"New Biology" and "The pH Miracle Living Science,
Lifestyle and Diet" with all of your associates,
friends and loved ones.

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