Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Reversal of Crohns Dis-ease

The following is an unsolicited testimony of a 2 year old child with Crohns Dis-ease on the Young's pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet.

Testimony for Babette Gilles

My daughter was 2 and half years old, when she was diagnosed with Crohns disease. She had the best doctors in Mount SinaŃ— hospital in NY. She was taking medications including Pentaza, antibiotics and steroids.

Somehow, my daughter’s body was not reacting positively to the medications. Every day, she was getting worse and worse. She was losing lots of blood and had no energy. When we were taking her for walk, we had to carry her.

We were devastated, looking for help for our little girl. Until, one day we heard about Dr. Robert O. Young. After a one hour phone consultation, we started the diet; we had result within 48 hours. It was amazing. Her bowel movement was normal without blood, something we did not see for 8 months.

It will be 3 years since Babette started on Dr. Young’s diet. She is healthy, happy, smart and beautiful. Her teachers love her alkaline lunch at school and they call them colorful and healthy.

Babette is a very special child; her healthy diet is a great example for her friends. She always has healthy snacks. We are so proud of her.

We can’t even imagine what our life would have been if we never heard about Dr Young. We are so thankful to God for meeting him.

Dr. Young, thank you so much for the hope you gave us, and for a lot of kind words. Thank you for teaching us what a beautiful way to live. You saved our little girl’s life.

Her breakfast every morning is asparagus or broccoli soup. Our whole family eats the same alkaline way. It is an amazing diet. If you will follow Dr. Young’s lifestyle and diet, you will feel so good and healthy.

Dr. Young, we wish you the best in your crusade for health and will always spread the word of your alkaline way of life.

The Gilles Family
Fairfield, CT

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