Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dr. Young's Greatest Discovery on Animal Protein

Dr. Young states that animal proteins in foods cause the immune system to react exactly the same way it does to the protein coat of bacteria, and other infectious agents. The resulting antibody production results in an "immune storm", whic......h (hopefully) destroys the infectious agents, but may also result in such a large overreaction of the immune system that the excess antibodies start going after healthy tissue.

If the animal proteins in foods, e.g, hamburgers, milk, cheese, etc., cause the same violent immune storm and end up breaking healthy tissue (especially in older people) it could explain a whole host of autoimmune diseases which are increasing without explanation, e.g., Lupus, MS, Type II diabetes, etc., This could be Dr. Young's greatest discovery in years and is Noble work! John Baird, JD

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